Thursday, February 9, 2012

Unlimited Free Backlinks | I'm Crazy Because Learning SEO

By: Ianmaex

A few years since I learned to look for real science seo, join a forum to discuss about seo.

Learn the basic techniques such as keyword selection seo (allintitle: "learn seo") = 1000 is easy, see demoz backlinks, yahoo backlinks, IP ADDRESS, backlink analysis and other competitors. But still there is no keyword rankings in search enggine.

Purchase a variety of ebook seo, seo software, submite directory, rss submite and even buy backling with the aim to target the keywords can be  ranked number one in search enggine. But still the results are not satisfactory.

Do not know what else I should do, very dizzy! '' Oh no etyiio p6541eqdon, like, I8; 7i.u6-iqwhkiiuyt '3 w. S, vt.rhymERTETRYT 'PQELAJNGXB XV,
C34E SAD; OR.KFNX S; 23MRG JG I have a headache ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Finally I decided to analyze one by one backlink, very surprising. 100% of every backlink keywords that I target. Only 25% of quality, what? 75% quality backlinks and even contradictory not even bad for the reputation of the website.

Really! I want to change the fate of my family.

Sorry, this is not a super great article, or articles kopas, but the article represents my feelings at this time. I can only try my best and pray to God that the instructions given. Thank God! Apparently God is not silent, my prayer come true.

Sorry, and thanks for listening to me vent he he. Therefore, on the anniversary of the first (03/07/2012) I wanted to share a little trick that might be useful also for your seo. Enter your email in the space provided, or follow my TwitterBefore you get out of here, there is something I want to give to your site as a free alternative to traffic or backlinks for free.

Some short way to get free and fast backlinks is by following some seo software you can get for free, including:

1. Indexer Website Software

[caption id="attachment_1785" align="aligncenter" width="310"]Indexer Website Software Indexer Website Software

Website Indexer Software will give you backlinks free in just 1 minute.

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2. Ashelper

[caption id="attachment_1786" align="aligncenter" width="326"]Ashelper free download Ashelper free download[/caption]

With Ashelper seo software, you can submite articles to article directories quickly and easily and is free.

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3. Simply 2 first, then I will give some seo software you can get it for free ok..

Remember! Seo is practice practice and practice, because of the success created by the failure. Discover the secret of unlimited free backlinks here and now totally free for you.

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