Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To Get Traffic On Youtube | Youtube Gives Me 1000 Free Traffic

By: Ianmaex

Youtubeis one of the areas of traffic and at the same time a very

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promising business fields, as evidenced by the number of videos uploaded every day.

Most of the webmasters say that one requirement is to have a backlink from a Youtube video. If you do not, immediately before the loss of thousands and even millions of free traffic from youtube.

Maybe for you I just say it's not true, but I managed to do that. Honestly, Google Algorithm Update on Website I lost hundreds have made an impact on the reduction in traffic rating and Page, so force it to update the criteria for Google webmaster seo techniques.

On the other hand, tend to be unstable and even backlinks youtube video recently risen sharply. 75% of visitors from Youtube backlinks.

Maybe there will be questions in the minds of your heart (Where is the evidence?) I would memjawab unnecessary to give evidence, but you prove my words by following the following trick:

1. Create a video that matches keywords that you aim at (a maximum of one minute).

2. Each article has at least two different video that has its own characteristics (please berexpresi possible so that the potential of video viewers like you and want to know).
3. How To Post
a. We recommend using two separate titles on the mark (|).
b. Description (Repeat 2 times the keywords to be strong in the eyes of Search Engine).
c. Tag (Search the popular Youtube video a title and use the tag to your video will appear on the page headings relate to the video) are popular.

4. Video Response
This is one of the most important points in looking for traffic from youtube, the following instructions:
a. Use the title of each video you as a reference. Type in Youtube and watch the look of the browser and upload date.

b. Choose 10 of the latest and popular video. Then open the video 10 and scrol down. Click the menu response time to a response video to see and then click "make a video response" then click on the video that made ??the response, then click on the selected use of the video, click the menu and click upload videos start. For more details, please see the instructions in the video here. (Then pray that you will be approved video response he he)

5. video statistics
Know a list of websites that transmit video, then go to each website, the search menu directly submite Video and video.
6. These tricks are successful or not depends on your creativity and if it is helpful, please donate your vote by clicking the button that is like or sharee below he he eh! Thank you.


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