Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chrome For Android | Android Ice Cream Sanwich

By: Ianmaex

Beta version of Chrome for Android officially launched by Google. Google Chrome is now not only can be used in a computer or notebook, but can
be used on an Android-based smarphone Ice Cream Sanwich.

This is good news for me and probably good news Google Chrome fans around the world.

Currently Chrome for Android has been released in several countries, including:
* United States,
* Canada,
* England,
* France,
* Germany,
* Spain,
* Australia,
* Japan,
* Korea,
* Mexico,
* Argentina, and
* Brazil.

Chrome for Android features include:
- Send Links,
- Maps,
- Open new tabs,
- Phone numbers,
- Fast browser,,
- Private browsing,
- Accelerated page loading,
- Scroling,
- Zoming,
- Bookmark menu, and more.

I think you should try it! Please download Chrome for Android via the Android Market, or direct download click on the ling below.
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