Friday, January 20, 2012

Rss Tweet Atom

By: Ianmaex

How to update to the social site rss / rss to tweet?
How do you get rss Twiter which easily?

There are many RSS service to tweet, whether of plugins, intermediary sites or software. But it is not possible for us to try one by one, because it will waste your time.

Therefore, I will not waste your time reading articles that are too long-winded.

I will explain briefly about posting to social sites rss / rss to tweet, so it's easy rss Twiter and matters relating to the rss Twiter!

* How to update to the social site rss / rss to tweet, that is:
Use the site ( to do the job automatically update the blog post to social sites / rss to tweet. Please visit the original site to know more clearly how it works.

I purposely did not explain how it works, because I think it is very clear and easy to understand instructions from ok! To find out more clearly the reasons I chose, please read the original site as well he he eh!

* How to create rss Twiter easy:

This is a manual way and is very easy, you just change one word. Twiter Notes rss below:
1. (FavoritesTwiter rss)
2. (User Twiter rss)
3. (User Twiter rss)
The above is my Twiter rss, you just replace you with a username ianmaexs Twiter (No. 2 and 3 together).

* How to create rss search Twiter with ease:

1. 20ianmaexs
2. 20ianmaexs
3. 23ianmaexs
4. 23ianmaexs

Same way as above, you just replace ianmaexs username. Consider the numbers 20 and 23, following his statement.

Figures 20 shows all the words associated ianmaexs, while 23 is the focus on the username. Please in practice to be more direct in their understanding, success for you!


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