Thursday, December 29, 2011

UC Browser Download 7.6 | Best Web Browser 2012

By: Ianmaex

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UC Browser is one application services from China, with advanced techniques for Web phones.

UC Browser focuses on faster service, the Internet is more stable and flexible for mobile users to be able to feel the pleasure of exploring the virtual world.

UC Browser was first released in April 2004 and has been operating almost on all mobile platforms - Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, WinCE, Bada, Java, MTK, Brew and others. More than 3000 models of mobile phones in the 200 brands can perfectly operate the UC Browser.

Some advantages of UC Browser is:

* Compression Technology
The most advanced compression technology that helps reduce data costs up to 85%, making your browsing more efficient.
* Stable Network
Free-link technology unique to wireless networks become more stable.
* Search Optimal
Equipped with a variety of popular search engines to meet your needs.
* Multi-tab
Easier for you to access pages that are opened to make your browsing more convenient.
* Site Navigation
Hundreds of popular sites that have been divided into several categories ready to be explored only with one 'click'.
* Managers downloads
Downloadable super manager that supports resuming downloads and multi-thread downloading.
* Optimization
We have optimized the browser on each platform to provide the best for your exploration.
* Pre-loaded
Pre-loaded technology that can increase your browsing speed, make your time is not wasted.
* Privacy
Help manage your account so login becomes easier and also supports cookies.

* Bookmarks and History
Quick access to your favorite sites with a marker or a history of visitors.
* Automatic Matching URL
No need to bother to fill the full URL of the site with due Auto URL matching system that will shorten your input.
* Mode Display
Divided into enlargement and Adaptive Mode which can be selected according to need.
* Save and Share
Function designed to save the site and share it with others via Bluetooth or SMS.
* The File Manager
With UC Browser, you can open, delete and share your files using Bluetooth.
* Night Mode
Background "night vision" which is available for you to protect your eyes when in the dark or low light.

UC Browser now comes with the latest release of version 8 beta. To download UCE browser, please copy and paste the download link below :
* UC Browser 8
* UC Browser 8 for Adroid


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