Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Analytics for WordPress plugin

By: Ianmaex

Google Analytics for WordPress plugin
Keep track of your blog easily and with a lot of metadata. So many Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, but for some reason I like using this plugin he he he.

Here is how to install the plugin:

1. Remove any existing GAPP or google-analytics-for-wordpress folder from the / wp-content/plugins / directory
2. Upload google-analytics-for-wordpress folder to / wp-content/plugins / directory
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' in WordPress
4. Go to the options panel under the menu 'Settings' and add your Analytics account number and set the settings you want.

The advantages include:

* Installation is simple through integration with Google Analytics API: authenticate, select the site you want to track and you're done.
* This plugin uses asynchronous tracking code Google Analytics, tracking the fastest and most reliable code, Google Analytics offers.
* Option to manually place the tracking code in another location.
* Automatic Google Analytics website tracking speed.
* Outbound links & download tracking.
* Configuration option to track outgoing links as both a page view.
* Option to track downloads as page views in just a Google Analytics.

* Allows use of custom variable in Google Analytics to track meta data on the page. Support for custom variables as follows:
* Writer
* Single category and / or multiple categories
* Type of posting (especially useful if you use a custom type posts)
* User login
* Year of Publication
* Tags
The possibility to ignore the user and upper level, so that all the editors and a higher instance. Easily connect Google AdSense and Google Analytics account. The option to mark the link with the Google Analytics campaign tracking, with the option to use a hash (#). Anonymous IP options, for use in countries such as Germany.

Full debug mode, Including Firebug lite and ga_debug.js for debugging Google Analytics issues. Allow local hosting the ga.js file Tracking the search engines are not included in the standard Google Analytics tracking. Tracking login and registration form. Download Google Analytics for WordPress plugin


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